Arvid "Arvidos" Håkansson 


Arvid "Arvidos" Håkansson has been dancing the style of Locking since 2005.
He started off learning from the pioneers in Sweden and later went on to learn from the creators of the artform, such as Don Campbellock Campbell,
Greg Campbellock Jr. Where he leared to understand the roots, essensce and the culture of Locking.

Currently a member of the Hiphop Collective Above the Clouds he has done alot of battles, showcases and workshops, 
both in Sweden and abroad such as Russia, USA, South America and Signapore to name a few.

In his classes there will be a huge focus on building a strong foundation and understanding where the dance comes from.
Also how to be comfortable and to be yourself with the use of drills, hard work and different exersices that stems from a mix of Locking and Boxing. There will be alot of attention on each individual student who will recive frequent personal feedback during the year.