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Five Styles 

Five Styles is a one-year forward-thinking course for you who want to gain fundamental knowledge, experience, and improve your skills in Locking, Popping, Breaking, Hiphop and House.

You will explore through freestyling and develop your knowledge by studying a variety of topics, such as dance techinique, history and culture. You will have dance classes every day within these different styles and additional afternoon classes such as physical, dance psychology and recovery. The course takes place at Åsa folkhögskola (Åsa Folk High School) in Sköldinge, Sweden. 


About Åsa folkhögskola 

Åsa folkhögskola is located one hour from Stockholm in a village called Sköldinge. The school offers different educational programs, such as dance, music and highschool studies. The school has a boarding school which means that you live at the school and will take part in boarding school activities. The school cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday to Friday. The main language at the school is Swedish but the dance courses are taught in English. 



Hiphop – Nils Therén
House – Afra Hosseini
Locking – Alexander A-train Dam, Jörgen “Funky Fedler” Vedeler
Popping – Shawn Aimey, Monika "Kozo" Čibiraitė
Breaking – Mike Camara


Important to know

  • You must be 18 years or older and have dance experience from one or more of the dance styles within the Five Styles course. The course can be very demanding both psychically and mentally. You must be free from injuries and be in good health.
  • For international students needing a VISA to travel to and live in Sweden: if admitted to the course, apply for a residency permit for studies via THIS LINK. Note: Apply four months before the course start at the 14th of August 2024. The VISA process can take time and Åsa folkhögskola doesn't accept students arriving later than two weeks from course start.
  • For international students needing medical (physical or mental) care in Sweden: if admitted, investigate prior to arriving at Åsa folkhögskola the insurance support system in your home country and how to economically support medical care in Sweden.
  • The course fee is 500 SEK per semester. If you are admitted and want to keep your spot in the course, your fee for the first semester needs to be transferred when you receive your acceptance letter.
  • Every student also has to pay a monthly fee which includes rent for the boarding school and served food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Monday to Friday, except for holidays and breaks. The monthly fee is spanning from 6 300 SEK to 7 900 SEK, depending on if you share bedroom or not. Note that the fee is charged from the first week, even if you would be some days up to two weeks late for the course.
  • Every year in May, the dance students create and host an event called Back to the Woods (BTTW). BTTW 2024 will be held on the weekend 3rd–5th of May, following the live audition. We encourage applicants to stay for the event to get a wider picture of what can take place outside of school hours at Åsa folkhögskola.

Course length

1 year (14th of August 2024–10th of June 2025).

During the autumn semester 2024 there is a winter holiday week 44. Breaks and holidays during the spring semester 2025 are: week 8, week 16, 1st–2nd of May, 30th of May and 6th of June.


Audition dates

FIRST PART: Online audition
Applicants without Swedish social security number, apply with your videos HERE before Sunday 18th of February, 23.59 (Swedish time).
Applicants with Swedish social security number, apply with your videos HERE 
before Sunday 18th of February, 23.59.

From this first part of the audition, we will make a first selection of who will go through to the second part. You will receive an email, latest 11th of March, informing whether or not you have been accepted for the socond part of the audition.

Applicants needing VISA will only do an online audition. More information below.

SECOND PART: Live audition
Takes place at Åsa folkhögskola during the 2nd–3rd of May. You will receive further information if you go through from the first part of the audition.


How to apply

First part: Online audition
Send your application with one video link, one merged video. The video should contain:

  • Routine video number 1: click here.
  • Routine video number 2: click here.
  • Routine video number 3: click here.
    (For all routine videos, add 2 eights freestyle after the routine.)
  • Freestyle solo video (max one minute) from studio, cypher or battles.

Upload your video to youtube, vimeo or similar and attach the link in your application. Don't forget to fill in the password if that is required. Don't send your video through Wetransfer, Google Drive or similar. Remember: one video, one link.

Written statement
To your application, attach a Written statement answering the following questions:

  • The course can be very demanding both physically and mentally. Do you have any injuries, sicknesses, disabilities, NPF-diagnosis or mental health conditions that we should be aware of? If yes, please specify. 
    In order to be able to accommodate every participant the best we can, we want to be aware as early as possible. This will not affect your chances of getting through to the next audition round. 
  • The monthly fee is spanning from 6 300–7 900 SEK per month, depending if you share a bedroom or not. How will you finance your year at Åsa? 
  • What is your experience in the dances that we teach at Åsa folkhögskola?
    Use max 200 words to describe. 
  • What does your weekly practice of dance and/or other physical training look like? Use max 200 words to describe.
  • Is there something else you think we should know from you at this stage of the audition? 
    Use max 100 words to describe.

Audition for applicants needing VISA

For applicants needing VISA to study in Sweden, we will conduct a special audition taking place only online. As for every applicant, you need to apply with the above stated content (video link + written statement) latest Sunday 18th of February, 23.59 (Swedish time). 

Within the coming three weeks from that date, we will conduct personal interviews with the applicants we are interested in. You will receive an email informing you whether or not you have gone through to the interview. You will receive a proposed date and time for the interview. We will make sure that we will find a date and time that works for both parties.

After all interviews are completed you will receive an email, latest Sunday 10th of march, informing you whether or not you have been selected to the course.


Send your questions about the course and auditions to: danceaudition@asafolkhogskola.se.