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Andreas Sanchez 

Sanchez understands that the essence of any culture is it roots and history. For him, to be good at something and to contribute to a community you first need to have a solid foundation and also understand why you are doing what you are doing.

In his classes, he aims to create a space where you can deepen your knowledge and understanding of House dance and the culture surrounding it. He will provide a set of tools and guide you to design your own unique way while still paying homage to your predecessor. Dance is a journey and only by taking all that you are can you create something original. 

Sanchez own journey starts in Rinkeby (a multicultural suburb of Stockholm), where he was introduced to Hip Hop as a 7-year-old, taking new jack swing lessons.He took his first House workshop 2004 and deepened his knowledge and understanding of the whole culture three years later as a student, himself, in Åsa Folkhögskola. Since then House has been his main focus. In 2011 he went to New York to experience the core of House culture and also broaden his range with Tap dance. While not going further with the style, he adopted a different way to approach the music and play with rhythms, something that is noticeable in his teachings. 

Foto cred: Thomas Johnstone