Jörgen “Funky Fedler” Vedeler


Jörgen "Funky Fedler" Vedeler is a locking dancer, musician and coach/facilitator.


I started to participate in Locking battles in 2010 and have traveled to several events in Europe and the USA. My latest win is Juste Debout Stockholm 2020 along with Akim ”Alpha Extreme” from Finland. My love for Locking started in 2008 when I went to a workshop led by Oskar ”Supreme” Pitré at Riksteatern, Stockholm. Since then, I’ve been trained by pioneers such as Jimmy Soul, P-Lock, Natasha Jean Bart, Tony GoGo, OG Skeeter Rabbit and Fluky Luke. 


The source for my dance is music, traveling and meeting good people. I strive to dance with finesse and heart, like a skilled speaker who communicates with clarity, power and authenticity… And nice stops of course. I see the stops in locking as the most fundamental aspect of the dance. 


As a teacher, I always strive to establish a safe environment based on joy, curiosity and confidence where we work thoroughly with foundations, routines, musical perception and freestyle. Locking to me is also a tool to encourage and strengthen each and every student by giving positive feedback and having them reflect and discuss the four corners of Locking:

  1. Style & grace

  2. Attitude

  3. Character

  4. Pure Funk