David “Fowkus” Rigo

David “Fowkus” Rigo is a dancer who has had many pioneering teachers/mentors along the way. He sees himself as a messenger from those pioneers to the newer generations. He started his dancing with Locking, Breaking and Bugg in 2006 but fell in love with Popping shortly after - and Popping has been his main style ever since.

Knowledge seeking, history seeking, talking with different OGs and going deep into the roots of Boogaloo and Popping has been a great passion for David - and he spreads that passion through teaching classes, competing, performing and creating events like Popping Evolution and Pouse. 

He’s done many street-shows, won multiple competition both in Sweden and abroad and you will most likely see him in cyphers on different events. 

Åsa Folkhögskola is a great pride to David. He himself has been a student at the school in both the Five-style course and House Onestyle - and what you can expect in his classes are going through different techniques and foundations from different cities of the Bay Area and how that travelled to Sweden. Open minds, hard work and empty cups are what is required in his classes and you will constantly be receiving individual feedback.