Foto: Little Shao for Pay the Cost to be the Boss.

Alexander "A Trail" Dam

Alexander A-train Dam has practised dance professionally for over 15 years and is today working as a dancer and teacher based in Stockholm, Sweden. His training is based on techniques and experiences from streetdance, contemporary dance and contemporary circus, with a focus on freestyle/improvisation. 

Together with his friends and colleagues within the swedish locking and streetdance culture, A-train has played a big role within the locking scene both nationally and internationally, winning battles and creating performances. Together with the groups Soul Sweat and Funky 4 Brothers, A-train has explored the roots, playfulness and boundaries within the artform of Locking.

While continuing to learn about the roots of the locking and streetdance culture and the soil from where it grew, A-train puts a lot of emphasis on groove, techniques and playfulness within his Locking classes.